G e t  I n v o l v e d

Spread the Word
MACOA offers programs to help meet the needs of practically every older person. You can assist be telling senior citizens and their families about the agency's diverse activities and how they can participate.

Volunteer Your Time and Talent
MACOA has a wealth of volunteer opportunities for people of all ages. Typical services include delivering meals on wheels, teaching classes, making visits in person or on the telephone, helping at senior center activities, and escorting seniors to appointments. Reward yourself with the gift of giving and enjoy the warmth of a smile from an appreciative senior citizen.

Invest Financially
Private donations are essential to the success of MACOA's current and future programs for a rapidly increasing senior population. Contributions not only meet today's needs, but also help ensure responsive programs will be available when you, your family, and your friends become seniors. Memorials are an excellent way to remember or recognize a special person or occasion. Planned giving can be an important part of comprehensive estate planning. Please contact us for a confidential interview.