Since 1972, MACOA has been providing service and support to Seniors in the Montgomery community to help keep them healthy, happy, and living with dignity in their own homes.  In 2017, many MACOA milestones will be highlighted and shared as we celebrate 45 years and this meaningful
time in the history of the organization. 


We are proud to celebrate 45 years of service to seniors! Our commitment to seniors is our top priority and we are thankful to have an amazing Board of Directors, staff, volunteers, and friends to help us make a difference and support our mission.

We are proud of the past successes and look forward to more progress and new opportunities on the horizon for the next 45 years!


In 1972, MACOA was launched with 15 meals offered to seniors each day from this home.  Now we serve 405 hot nutritious noon meals each day to homebound seniors throughout the City of Montgomery. 
Since 1972 we have delivered nearly 4,000,000 meals!  


In 2017, the Montgomery Area Council On Aging is celebrating its 45th anniversary of serving seniors in our community. Over the years, the agency has been fortunate to benefit from the leadership of many individuals whose skills and abilities were matched only by the heart and passion for our mission. We are grateful to these individuals whose services helped MACOA improve the quality of life for thousands of seniors in our community:

Thank you to Our Executive Directors

Helen Geesey (1972-1980)
Faye Baggiano (1980-1982)
Gayle Sandlin (1982-1989)
John O’Neill (1989-1992)
Lee Conner (1992-1998)
Richard R. Heinzman (1998-2012)

Hats off to Our Past Board Chairmen

H. Raymond Evans (1972-1973)
James Bailey (1974-1975)
Mildred Leyburn (1975)
Col. Leroy Priest (1976)
Dr. Morrison McCall (1976-1977)
Philip Sellers (1978-1979)
Harold Harris (1980-1981)
Jerry Wynne (1982)
Dr. Don Bogie (1983-1984)
John A. Garrett (1985)
Ann Rogers Roton (1986)
Phil Boissel (1987-1988)
Joy Blondheim (1988-1989)
James Conway (1989-1990)
James Riley (1990-1991)
Paul Spivey (1991-1992)
Forrest Neeley (1992-1993)
Al Medina (1993-1994)
Ann Muscari (1994-1995)
Lee Oswalt (1995-1996)
Bill Mahoney (1996-1997)
Francis Beaulieu (1997-1998)
Sarah Spear (1998-2000)
Frank Johnston (2000-2001)
Polly Hardegree (2001-2002)
Bob Ramsey (2002-2003)
Barbara Duke (2003-2004)
Irvin Wells (2004-2005)
Sue Groce (2005-2006)
Scott Brown (2006-2007)
Ann Collister (2007-2008)
Tom Somerville (2008-2009)
Cindy Dunn (2009-2010)
Sheri McKean (2010-2011)
Jan Ellis (2011-2012)
Sam Johnson (2012-2013)
Dottie Blair (2013-2015)
Pete Knight (2015-2016)
Richard "Dick" Amberg (2016-2017)


1939- Meals on Wheels originated in Great Britain during the Blitz.

1971-Junior Woman’s Club of Montgomery and Community Council of the Montgomery Area United Appeal created Steering Committee and efforts to identify needs and gaps in service for the elderly.

1972- Junior League of Montgomery conducted door to door survey where results showed that elderly needed meals and transportation.

1972 (May) - Montgomery Area Committee on Aging was incorporated as a non-profit organization.

1972 (September) - Helen Geesey hired as first Executive Director.

1972 (October 2)- Opened a Senior Citizens Services Center, which housed the office space.  Jackson Hospital agreed to provide six hot meals each weekday for homebound elderly. Some paid for the meals while others of The Junior Woman’s Club covered the cost of those unable to pay.

1972 (November 14)- Conducted first volunteer training session with 50 people participating.

1972- First van leased through Capitol Chevrolet to transport the elderly.

1972- St. Peter’s Catholic Church was the first place for congregate nutrition center.  After this added more centers, homemaker aide, and social work staff.  Nutrition Center later changed to Senior Centers.

1973- The federally funded Retired and Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) was added at the request of the Alabama Commission on Aging.  MACOA sponsored the National Senior Service Corps program to enhance lives of seniors 55 and older through volunteer service in Montgomery, Elmore, and Autauga counties.

1973-First newsletter was printed with mimeograph machine. It was published quarterly.

1974-Kiwanis Club of Montgomery. purchased building on Walnut street for facility as agency headquarters.

1974 (June)- Capital City Kiwanis Club purchased a second van. Capitol City Jaycees installed radio systems into the vans.

1977- Named Changed to the Montgomery Area Council On Aging.

1985 (February 13)- Growth required move of agency offices to current location of 115 E. Jefferson Street.  Agency had 40 staff members and annual budget of a half a million dollars.

1979- Three vans were in operation.  One van transported RSVP volunteers to and from their work stations.

May 1980- Helen Geesey retired as first Executive Director. In 1981 she was appointed to head the Alabama Commission on Aging by Governor Fob James

1988- MACOA held its first major fundraising event called Seniors of Achievement cosponsored by the Montgomery Advertiser  and Alabama Journal.

1988 (February)- Began operating a coordinated transportation operation under contract with the City of Montgomery.  There was a fleet of 12 vans to transport seniors to senior centers, medical appointments, grocery store, government agencies, etc.

1988- Special Friend of MACOA award was established. First recipient was Mary Katherine Blount.

1989- First Capitol Campaign- “Completing the Circle” launched to create senior activity center downtown.  Bucks Weil was the Chairman and Mary Catherine Blount was Honorary Chairman.  By June 1990 the campaign had raised $750,000.

1991 (May 28)-Multi-purpose center was dedicated and opened as the Emmie Gardner Archibald Center. It was named for Mrs. Blount’s mother, Emmie Gardner.

1993- Transportation program changed to partnership with Yellow Cab Company. Ridership increased by 250%.

1994- Received Alabama Gerontological Society’s Business and Industry Award for innovative transportation system.

1994- Culinary Caper Fundraiser established.

1997- Celebrated 25 years of service with luncheon honoring Meals on Wheels delivery volunteers, staff, and donors.

1999- Marked first expansion of program since 1989 and established first delivery outside the Eastern Boulevard near Eastdale Mall. 40 new clients served.

1999- Lobster Maine Event was created.

2001- Swinging Fore Seniors Golf Classic established.

2002- 317 seniors were served Meals on Wheels.

2004- International Tasting fundraiser was created.

2007- Celebrated 35 years of service.

2005- Frozen meals program implemented.

2013- Renovated the Archibald Center.

2014- Pet food and birthday cakes offered as additional service to seniors.

2015- Corporate Route program officially launched.

2007- MACOA East established as a second location to serve senior in East Montgomery.

2017- MACOA East celebrates 10th anniversary. 

2017- Marks 45 years of serving the community.  Reached milestone of 404 hot nutritious noon meals delivered daily Monday-Friday. 

Together, we’ve delivered 4 million meals over the past 45 years!