We are excited to recognize and honor special MACOA senior clients, volunteers, and friends in the Spotlight for recent awards, celebrations, and special occasions.  We want to hear from you.  If you or someone you know that's involved with MACOA is celebrating a special moment or milestone, please let us know!  We want to share the news and showcase him or her here!


RSVP Volunteer Pat Bartoszewicz has received the National Exchange Club’s (Montgomery, Alabama Chapter) Golden Book of Deeds Award for 2017.  This award is given annually by each Chapter in the U.S.  Criteria for this award includes a person who is sincere about helping the community, has an exceptional track record of continued, unselfish giving and who enjoys volunteering to help others.  This prestigious award is designed for someone who deserves acclaim, but rarely receives it.

Pat Bartoszewicz has been an RSVP volunteer since 2003.  She has 7,689 lifetime hours and has served in Disaster Services in mock disaster training, Education as a volunteer reading coach for accelerated reading students, and in Healthy Futures as a volunteer in the Archibald Activities Center where senior adults participate in exercise, dance and computer classes.  She is also a founding member of the Mad Hatters, a group that makes stocking caps at Christmastime for MACOA’s Title III Meals on Wheels clients.


It is truly impossible to say good bye to those that we love and hold dear—those people who are outstanding examples of what it means to be a servant.  That is why, even though he and his wife Annette are moving to Florida, we won’t say good bye to Joe Sutton. 

A former member of the Board of Directors, Joe has been a part of the MACOA family since 1998 when he became an RSVP volunteer.  He was asked to serve on the RSVP Montgomery Advisory Council in 2002 and named chairman in 2005.    As an RSVP volunteer he has served in disaster preparedness and in community and economic development, but his most memorable areas of volunteer service are with VIPS and the Alabama Department of Archives and History.  

On April 15, 2003, Joe became one of the original 13 volunteers that joined VIPS—Volunteers in Police Service (VIPS).  RSVP partnered with the Montgomery Police Department to establish the program locally.  RSVP recruits, screens, and supports the volunteers in VIPS.  VIPS is one of five Citizen Corps partner programs formed after the terrorist attacks in 2001.  Joe served in the detective division, in recruiting, and in the neighborhood watch program.  He and two other VIPS maintained a database of information on 10,000 weapons retrieved at crime scenes.  Now, thanks to Joe Sutton, when a detective needs to look up details on a confiscated weapon used in a crime, he or she can look up the information on a computer and not through dusty, faded index cards. Click here for more!