Welcome to RSVP! We know your new volunteer work will be interesting and rewarding.

This information has been prepared for you to answer any questions you might have. Please read it carefully and refer to it when necessary. ALWAYS feel free to call the RSVP office whenever you have questions pertaining to your volunteer assignments.


Autauga/Elmore: Shirley Stewart (334-365-1007) Autauga; (334) 285-4114 Elmore;

Coosa: Shelia Hardy    (256) 377-4935 

Montgomery: Emma Roberts (334-265-9204) 

Tallapoosa: Lisa Moncrief;


The purpose of RSVP is to link the skills, knowledge, and experience of the volunteer with identified critical needs in the community, and to provide rewarding opportunities for seniors.



Any person 55 years of age or older who is willing to volunteer on a regular basis is eligible for membership. The amount of service can vary. The average number of hours served is about four hours per week. There are no dues or membership fees. At the time of enrollment, a staff member will interview the new volunteer to establish his or her interests, hobbies, and background. Assignments will be suggested in keeping with those interests. New volunteers are encouraged to visit several potential Volunteer Stations (non-profit agencies) or to review the job descriptions associated with each station before deciding on placement.


  • Insurance—All volunteers enrolled in RSVP are automatically covered (at no cost to the volunteer) by supplemental Accident, Personal Liability, and Excess Automobile Liability insurance.

  • Recognition of service

  • The opportunity to use your experience and skills

  • The satisfaction of knowing you are making a difference



Volunteers are expected to report to their assignments (stations) on a regular basis and perform their duties under the supervision of the Volunteer Station staff. If you are unable to report to your station, please let the station or the RSVP office know as soon as possible.


It is very important for you to report your hours. This is the only means we have of measuring your service. Reporting your hours also helps identify the number of volunteers serving at each agency, the number of hours contributed, the types of assignments, and helps keep your volunteer insurance in effect. Reporting the number of hours is vital to RSVP’s ability to receive local, state, and federal support for our project.

Please report your hours monthly. At larger Volunteer Stations, time sheets are kept in a folder and are returned to RSVP at the end of each month. At smaller Stations where this is not practical, volunteers are asked to return them individually by mail or in person. You may also submit your hours via email.


Volunteers who do not report at least one hour during a 90-day period become inactive on the project. They will be withdrawn from RSVP rolls in accordance with local project policy on volunteer withdrawals. They may be re-enrolled and counted upon resumption of active volunteer service.

Though it is seldom done, RSVP can separate a volunteer from his or her area of service. This is done only after consulting the sponsor-approved policies dealing with separation of volunteers and after discussions with the Advisory Council. Reasons that can cause separation may include, but are not limited to, misconduct and inability to perform assignments or accept supervision. Procedures for volunteers to appeal adverse actions have been established by RSVP in cooperation with the Advisory Council.